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2nd Annual Hetnet and Smallcells India Congress

Driven by in-building wireless coverage requirements and the growing influx of mobile data traffic, network operators are increasingly investing in Heterogeneous Network & Small Cells infrastructure.... Go To Website +


2nd Annual Optical Transport Networks Summit

With over a billion subscribers, India is the world's second largest mobile communications market. While the country is currently being largely driven by voice services, it is expected to... Go To Website +


2nd Annual Optical Transport Networks Summit

2nd Annual Future Generation Optical Networks Summit 2017 has truly established itself as the go to conference for optical network discussions, debate and networking in India. Go To Website +


Steel Demand Logo

Steel is considered as the backbone of national economic development. It is a major input into sectors which support economic growth such as infrastructure.. Go To Website +


Small Cells Logo

In India - The rate of adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices is increasingly significantly and this is driving the consumption of mobile data and traffic congestion.. Go To Website +


LTE Innovation Logo

In order to maintain our leadership in ICT sector, Nexgen Conferences is delighted to present India’s biggest convention on 4G LTE entitled as LTE Innovation Summit 2016, schedule to be held on 8th April 2016 at The Lalit – Mumbai. Go To Website +


Next Generation Optical Transport

Driven by the colossal surge in the bandwidth demand from both home users as well as enterprise customers, the telcos are exploring various strategies to strengthen their networks and provide exceptional Quality of Service (QoS). Go To Website +


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As we see, ICT enabled digital business is becoming essential for capturing new opportunities in an innovation-driven global economy. New ICT technologies are pushing forward the industry transformation, and creating new values and benefits. The 1st ever Huawei Enterprise ICT Summit, India will be held from 17-19 December, 2015 at The Marriott Whitefield Hotel, Bangalore. Go To Website +